Block Chain

Block Chain is a new phenomena. As the internet is used for information sharing, block chain will have the same paradigm shift in sharing of transactional data.

Every business has transactions. Block chain may be an option when you ask yourself:

  • Do we have too many transactions?

  • Do we spend too much time entering data?

  • Are we experiencing inventory discrepancies?

  • Are there too many discrepancies between what we owe and what we are billed?

  • Are our current processes too manual and therefore vulnerable to mistakes?

  • How many contractual relationships is your business managing?

  • Are we getting the most out of current cloud technology?

  • How much more efficient can we be if transactional data can be cut by 70% or more?

  • Are my current financial systems vulnerable to fraud?

Block chain is a process where transactions can happen simultaneously and with minimal human intervention. Block chains are managed through networks that are cloud based, immutable and permissioned.

We can help determine if block chain is the right technology for your business and design the framework of the ledger of transactional data. Contact us today for more information.