Supply Chain Solutions

The supply chain is the backbone that creates profitable added value. A supply chain does not stand on its own. The right design of the chain of added value steps is dependent upon the strategy and is influenced by the processes and systems as well as governance and management.

optimization & redesign


Supply Chain complexity and associated costs are often underestimated. As strategies evolve and business environments change Supply Chains need to adapt and sometimes be redesigned.

Organizational leaders are often asking themselves:

  • Will the current supply chain deliver the strategic and operational plans?

  • Do we really understand the costs of the internal and extended supply chain?

  • Why are the total Supply Chain costs higher then the industry benchmark?

  • Do we have the right traceability in our supply chain?

  • Are my production and warehouse locations misaligned to be cost-effective?

  • Are our total cost of goods too high to make a decent margin?

  • Do we have the right materials suppliers and logistics providers?

  • Do we have the right contracts with our suppliers including the T&C?

  • Do we have the right supply chain model to service our customers?

  • Are we set up for growth and do we need to disrupt the current Supply Chain?

  • Do we need cloud technology and a block chain design?

Optimal and effective supply chains deliver goods and services to the customers at the right service level and at minimum costs.

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